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Device Repair

Our highly experienced staff provide professional repair services for a full list of devices and gaming consoles. We work hard to turn around repairs quickly, because we know you want to get back online as soon as possible. We also believe in providing service that respects your budget needs. That’s why we offer free diagnostic services and charge for repairs in 15-minute increments. Call us today to schedule a time to drop off your device with our repair team.

Personal Computer Repair

Computer out of service and you needed it fixed yesterday? We do everything from data recovery to virus/malware removal, as well as hardware and software installation. We diagnose your unit’s issue for free, and our subsequent repair rate is $80/hr in 15-minute increments. Call us to make a diagnostic appointment today.

  • Operating System Updates: $49
  • Virus removal: $79
  • Malware scanning: $79
  • Data recovery (variable)
  • Over the counter fixes & data transfers: $29

Custom Gaming PC Builds

Build your dream gaming PC with Provide. We build systems around your budget and optimized for the games you love.

  • Select your chipset
  • Pick your parts and peripherals
  • We build and ship it to you

Gaming Console Repair

We get you back in the game quickly with our game console repair service. We work on the Playstation 3 & 4; XBOX 360, ONE and S; as well as Nintendo Wii, Wii U and Switch. Pick a drop-off time that works for you and we’ll quickly and affordably repair your unit.

  • Hard drive repair/replacement
  • Disc drive repair/replacement
  • Diagnostic Service

Connecting you to affordable internet solutions since 1996.

HOW DOES DSL INSTALLATION WORK?2018-02-27T05:05:59-05:00

After setting an appointment, a technician will bring the necessary equipment to your address. A site evaluation will determine if additional wiring is needed; this is usually included in the installation fee.

HOW MUCH DOES INTERNET COST?2022-04-27T13:36:53-04:00

Internet costs vary based on the level of service you choose. A typical monthly fee for residential service, including taxes, is approximately $59-$69 per month.

AM I LOCKED INTO ANY CONTRACTS?2018-02-27T05:24:42-05:00

There are no contracts.

WILL YOU OFFER PHONE SUPPORT?2018-02-27T05:34:32-05:00

Yes. Our experienced technicians can help during the installation process and will continue offering support when you encounter other internet-related issues.


Absolutely. We can do this over the phone or you can set up an in-store appointment. Our experienced technicians can help you configure your computer and answer your questions.

DO YOU SELL DOMAINS?2018-02-27T05:35:45-05:00

Yes. We do domain registrations for $19.95 per year and this includes DNS services.

WILL EMAILS WORK ON MY PHONE?2018-11-30T10:37:13-05:00

Yes. Our email services are fully compliant with all email clients. We also have a web portal.

All email clients use the same settings to connect to our service but may use different terms for some of them. Please remember that your username and password are case sensitive!
INCOMING Account Setting Recommended Value
Incoming mail server name:
IMAP port:
Computers, Laptops, Tablets and SmartPhones
POP3 port:
Computers and Laptops
including “” i.e.
SSL Optional


OUTGOING Account Setting Recommended Value
Outgoing/SMTP mail server name:
SMTP port: 587
Authentication: Required
including “” i.e.
SSL Optional
CAN YOU HOST MY EMAILS?2018-02-27T05:40:04-05:00

Yes. We offer email hosting services for your personal domain.

HOW MUCH WILL REPAIRS COST?2018-02-27T05:45:13-05:00

Repair costs vary depending on what is wrong with your device. We do offer free diagnostics to help you determine whether or not to proceed with the repair.

WHICH TYPES OF DEVICES DO YOU REPAIR?2018-02-27T05:46:04-05:00

We fix all laptops, desktops, and gaming consoles, as well as most phones and tablets.

DO YOU OFFER CABLE TV AS WELL?2018-02-27T05:48:01-05:00

We do not offer cable television services, but we do give free consultations on how you can “cut the cord”.

WHAT IS A CONNECTED HOME?2018-02-27T05:49:33-05:00

A connected home includes, but is not limited to, devices such as security cameras and thermostats. Usually, these can be monitored or controlled from any computer or smart phone.


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