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Additional Services

Along with internet access, device repair and connected home installation, we offer a full range of affordable web hosting, domain registration, email, VoIP, and other services to help you maximize your business and personal outreach online.

We back up all of our services with our friendly, local, and free technical support. We’re also committed to offering creative ways to connect our customers with the endless resources the internet offers.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology enables you to make and receive phone calls online instead of a landline. A small device attached to your high-speed internet connection converts voice traffic into data traffic. This data is then converted back to voice after reaching its destination. All you have to do is plug in your regular telephone, wherever you have internet access, and you’re ready to talk. Your sound quality will typically be as good as you’d experience with a traditional landline, but at a much lower cost to you. VOIP is $24.95 per month per line with a $60 equipment & set up fee.

To start the process of ordering your VOIP, we need you to send us a copy the first page of your current phone bill, and a completed LoA, either through standard mail, or email to
Click here to download copy of the Letter of Authority.

A good hosting provider is about more than providing the lowest price for the most space. It’s about discovering high-quality service which allows the world to reach your website 24/7, without interruption. To deliver a hassle-free experience, we offer services that exceed industry standards as well as live technical support.

Packages Storage Mailboxes Monthly Fee
Email Only 1000 MB 25 $5.00
Bronze 1000 MB 25 $14.95
Silver 2000 MB 50 $19.95
Gold 5000 MB 100 $24.95

Don’t see the plan that fits your needs? Call us for a custom hosting plan.

  • No contracts
  • Unlimited virtual email addresses
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Free domain aliases
  • Web-based control panel
  • Mailing lists
  • SSL secure server
  • Reseller Packages

Email is an essential tool for business and personal communication. Our complete email service includes copious space, robust spam protection and virus scanning. Our free, live and local technical support gives you a simple, high-quality communications solution to meet your personal and business needs.

Domain Storage Mailboxes Monthly Fee 5 GB per mailbox  5  $5.00
 Custom*  5 GB per Mailbox  5  $5.00
 Custom*  5 GB per Mailbox  25  $20.00

* Email service with a custom domain requires domain registration

  • Web-based email management
  • Virus scanning
  • Spam filtering
  • Full server-side filtering and rules
  • POP3/IMAP4 access
  • SMTP access
  • Free technical support

Your domain name is integral to your brand and is a primary path for your customers to reach you. It’s vital to register your unique domain name as early as possible, and you should reserve yours through a company you can trust. Our standard features include free technical support and managed DNS service. Our enhanced features include Whois privacy ($4.00 per domain year). A .COM domain extension runs as low as $19.95 annually and a .BIZ extension costs $24.95 per year.

Top-Level Domains

Here are just a few of the top-level domains under which you can register your own domain name: .com .co .biz .org .ac .net .info .pro .us .mobi .tv .tel .me .es .asia as well as .bike .clothing .guru .holdings .ventures .plumbing .singles .camera .lighting .equipment .estate .graphics .gallery .photography .land .today and .technology

To register a domain, you must provide us a document (electronic or paper) stating that you have read and agreed to the Domain Registration Agreement. Electronic versions can be e-mailed to us; the e-mail address from which you send must be the address you will use to register the domain. A printable PDF version of the agreement can be found here.

Prospective domain registrants should also be familiar with:
** ICANN Registrants’ Benefits and Responsibilities
** ICANN Registrant Educational Materials

Expired Domains

All domains registered through ICANN have many rules and regulations, one of which is that we post the process of redeeming expired domains. This link takes you to their website: Expired Registration Recovery Policy.

In the event that you miss the standard renewal date:

  • Normal renewal fees = $19.95
  • Post-expiration renewal fees $39.95 = $19.95 renewal + $20.00 processing fees
  • Redemption period fees $119.95 = $19.95 renewal + $100 processing fees (plus any other applicable fees like privacy fees)

Post-expiration is typically up to thirty (30) days. Redemption is typically thirty-one (31) to sixty (60) days. During a “hands-off” period, typically sixty-one (61) to ninety (90) days, no one can renew. After this time, the domain can be bought buy ANYONE. All pricing is subject to change.

Connecting you to affordable internet solutions since 1996.

HOW DOES DSL INSTALLATION WORK?2018-02-27T05:05:59-05:00

After setting an appointment, a technician will bring the necessary equipment to your address. A site evaluation will determine if additional wiring is needed; this is usually included in the installation fee.

HOW MUCH DOES INTERNET COST?2022-04-27T13:36:53-04:00

Internet costs vary based on the level of service you choose. A typical monthly fee for residential service, including taxes, is approximately $59-$69 per month.

AM I LOCKED INTO ANY CONTRACTS?2018-02-27T05:24:42-05:00

There are no contracts.

WILL YOU OFFER PHONE SUPPORT?2018-02-27T05:34:32-05:00

Yes. Our experienced technicians can help during the installation process and will continue offering support when you encounter other internet-related issues.


Absolutely. We can do this over the phone or you can set up an in-store appointment. Our experienced technicians can help you configure your computer and answer your questions.

DO YOU SELL DOMAINS?2018-02-27T05:35:45-05:00

Yes. We do domain registrations for $19.95 per year and this includes DNS services.

WILL EMAILS WORK ON MY PHONE?2018-11-30T10:37:13-05:00

Yes. Our email services are fully compliant with all email clients. We also have a web portal.

All email clients use the same settings to connect to our service but may use different terms for some of them. Please remember that your username and password are case sensitive!
INCOMING Account Setting Recommended Value
Incoming mail server name:
IMAP port:
Computers, Laptops, Tablets and SmartPhones
POP3 port:
Computers and Laptops
including “” i.e.
SSL Optional


OUTGOING Account Setting Recommended Value
Outgoing/SMTP mail server name:
SMTP port: 587
Authentication: Required
including “” i.e.
SSL Optional
CAN YOU HOST MY EMAILS?2018-02-27T05:40:04-05:00

Yes. We offer email hosting services for your personal domain.

HOW MUCH WILL REPAIRS COST?2018-02-27T05:45:13-05:00

Repair costs vary depending on what is wrong with your device. We do offer free diagnostics to help you determine whether or not to proceed with the repair.

WHICH TYPES OF DEVICES DO YOU REPAIR?2018-02-27T05:46:04-05:00

We fix all laptops, desktops, and gaming consoles, as well as most phones and tablets.

DO YOU OFFER CABLE TV AS WELL?2018-02-27T05:48:01-05:00

We do not offer cable television services, but we do give free consultations on how you can “cut the cord”.

WHAT IS A CONNECTED HOME?2018-02-27T05:49:33-05:00

A connected home includes, but is not limited to, devices such as security cameras and thermostats. Usually, these can be monitored or controlled from any computer or smart phone.


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