Downloads Remote Control Software

This program is provided by for all of our customers, it allows us take control of your computer remotely.

Supremo:  Download

  • After you download this, you need to run it. (details) Software

These programs are provided by for our Dial-up customers Dial-up Setup:  Download

  • Provides automatic setup of Dial-up and Email accounts

Recommended Software

These programs are free for anyone to use. is not the developer of these programs but we both use and recommend them to you and provide full technical support for these programs to our customers.

Browsing:  Firefox

  • A free, open source, cross-platform web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation. With its superb web standards support and state-of-the-art javascript engine Firefox provides an improved web browsing experience on nearly all sites compared to Internet Explorer

E-mail:  Thunderbird

  • A free, open source, cross-platform email client developed by Mozilla Messaging. With powerful contact management, email search and anti-spam controls this is the email client of choice and a recommended upgrade from Outlook or Windows Mail. Be sure to visit our setup guide after installing Thunderbird

Security:  Microsoft Security Essentials

  • Free antivirus software created by Microsoft. It provides quality protection against malware such as viruses, spyware, adware, rootkits and trojans while remaining lightweight and easy to use

Helpful:  Helpful

  • Random Suppport Files

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