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Have you received an email from your bank or service provider that you didn't expect? Please be sure to read Microsoft's guide How to recognize phishing email messages or links.

Spam/Scam Reporting

If you've received an unsolicited or fraudulent e-mail that you feel needs to be reported, the Federal Trade Commission has setup an e-mail address for you to do just that. The e-mail address to which to forward the unsolicted spam message is spam@uce.gov. (The "uce" in governmental jargon stands for "unsolicited commercial e-mail", or in common parlance: spam.) Be sure to include the full message headers when forwarding the message. The FTC then uses the spam data you supply to them to aid them in criminally prosecuting spammers.

Spam Filtering

Alternately, if you do not want to wait for the government to takedown spam operations and would rather see a more immediate reduction in your amount of spam, we recommend the free e-mail program called Thunderbird due to its responsive built-in junk filter.

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