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About Digital Phone Service (VoIP)

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the technology that enables one to make and receive phone calls through the Internet instead of using the traditional phone lines.

How Does Is Work?

Using a High Speed Internet Connection, Digital Phone Service make and take phone calls. Attaching a small device to your high speed the Internet Connection, the device converts voice traffic into data traffic. This data traffic then travels across the internet to the end point and is then converted back to voice. Your regular telephone plugs into this device and you are ready to make and receive calls. The sound quality will typically be as good as using a Plain Old Telephone Line such as what you get from Ameritech -- But for a much lower cost to you. Because the phone number is assigned to the phone adapter, you can take it with you to anywhere you have high speed internet (ie: DSL or cable modem).

Typical Network Configuration:

Can I Keep My Existing Phone Number?

Yes, you can keep your current phone number. This is called Local Number Portability.

What Do I Need?

  • Broadband (ie: Cable Modem or DSL) high-speed internet connection.
  • A phone adapter (ATA) - You can lease one or you can buy one.
  • An analog phone to connect to the phone adapter (ATA).

Can I Take The Service With Me If I Move?

Yes, you can take the service with you and keep the same number or we can assign a new number.

Digital Phone Features
Caller ID  See the phone number calling.
Caller ID Block  Block your caller id information from showing up on the phone you are calling.
Anonymous Call Blocking This will automatically block anyone that has their caller id information blocked, like telemarketers.
Call Forwarding You cann have a call forward to a different number when busy or after so many rings.
Three-Way Calling Also known as "Confrence Calling" lets you call two people and talk to them at the same time.
Call Transfer  Transfer a call to another number. This works just like Three Way Calling except that once you confrence the other party you can drop off the call.
Call Hold Put a call on hold using flash-hook.
Voicemail Your message will arrive as an email attachment. You can also check your voicemail messages through any phone or through the phone portal. You will be notified of new messages by a stutter tone when you pick up your handset and/or by a message indicator light, if your phone has that function.
Local Number Portability Keep your current local phone number.
Star * Code Features This allows you to enable/disable various functions for your phone service.
Speed Dial Assign phone numbers to speed dial numbers that you can dial from your phone.
Simultaneous Ring Don't miss important calls. Unlike follow-me or basic call forwarding, this feature will "simultaneously" ring all locations until the call is answered. If the call is not answered within a certain period of time, it will be redirected to voicemail.
Phone Portal Use a web browser to access all the powerful functions for your phone using our web portal. You can see call logs, check voicemail, set up your speed dial lists, set up your follow-me hunt groups, and more!
Phone Book Through your web-based phone portal you can set up a phone book of numbers. This will tie into "click to call" and other portal features such as your call treatments.
Portable Phone Service Whether you are traveling or moving, you can take your phone with you and receive and make calls as if you were at home. Just plug your phone adapter into a broadband connection at your new location.


Premium Add-Ons
2nd line Same rate as first line put you can use the same hardware.
Virtual Number Get an additional phone number with an area code in any state where your friends or family live so that they won't have to dial long distance to call you.
Fax to Email Have incoming Faxs emailed to your account as a tiff file.
Toll Free Number Get a toll free number pointing to your current number. Rates are 3.9 cents a minute.

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