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Domain Registration

Your domain name becomes your business' face to the world. More are registered every day so reserve your name today with a company you can trust!

'.COM' As low as $19.95 per year other TLD's may vary '.BIZ' is $24.95

Standard Features

  • Free managed DNS service
  • Free technical support

Enhanced Features

  • Whois privacy ($4.00 per domain year)

Top-level Domains

Here are just a few of the top-level domains under which you can register your own domain name:
.com .co .biz .org .ac
.net .info .pro .us .mobi
.tv .tel .me .es .asia
Just Added....
.bike .clothing .guru .holdings .ventures
.plumbing .singles .camera .lighting .equipment
.estate .graphics .gallery .photography .land
.today .technology.contractors .directory .kitchen
.construction.diamonds.enterprises .tips .voyage
Early in the new year we will be launching 8 more
- - for a slight extra fee you can pre-register yours today
.careers .photos .recipes .shoes .limo
.domains .cab .company    

In order to register a domain you must provide us a document (electronic or paper) stating that you have read and agreed to the Domain Registration Agreement. Electronic versions can be e-mailed to us; the e-mail address from which you send must be the address you will use to register the domain. A printable PDF version of the agreement can be found here.

Prospective domain registrants should also be familiar with
** ICANN's Registrants' Benefits and Responsibilities.
** ICANN's Registrant Educational Materials.

Ultimately all domains are registered through ICANN, they have many rules and regulations, one of which is that we post the process of redeeming expired domains, this link takes you to their website, so the information is always up to date.
Expired Registration Recovery Policy.
In the event that you miss the standard renewal date,
Normal renewal fees = $19.95.
Post-expiration renewal fees $39.95 = $19.95 renewal + $20.00 processing fees.
Redemption period fees $119.95 = $19.95 renewal + $100 processing fees.
Plus any other applicable fees like privicy fees.

Post-expiration is typically up to thirty (30) days.
Redemption is typically thirty-one (31) to sixty (60) days.
"Hands off", no one can renew is typically sixty-one (61) to ninety (90) days.
* * After the "Hands off period", the domain can be bought buy ANYONE. * *
All pricing subject to change... eventually.

For more information please call (888) 480-4200 or email sales@provide.net

Please make sure you are familiar with our Acceptable Use Policy.

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