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Dedicated Access

If your requirements exceed the capabilities of high speed DSL, a dedicated T1 circuit may fit your needs. Business applications, from VoIP to VPN, require the superior upstream bandwidth that a only dedicated T1 can provide. Dedicated solutions deliver the consistency and reliability the connected business world demands.

T1 Speed Pricing
256 Kbps call for quote
378 Kbps call for quote
512 Kbps call for quote
768 Kbps call for quote
1536 Kbps (Full) $499/month

Monthly charge includes local loop and termination fees. No setup fee.
Customer must supply their own equipment. Call for more details about
what setup includes. Must be inside 340 LATA.

All dedicated access includes full DNS services.

We can help with recommendations for equipment needed.

For more information please call (888) 480-4200 or email sales@provide.net

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