"h" is for Helpful Software

STAFF [Provide.net, me (Mark W.), or anybody else you can think of] have ZERO responsibilities for what you download and install from here, or any other website for that matter. Nobody is making you use any of this, you are doing it of your own free will! Softwares that are included on this page are not necessarily endorsed by STAFF, are not warranted by STAFF, and may or may not be supported by STAFF. Any support is determined on a call by call basis, and the staff's perception of available time. (But, STAFF may be encouraged to provide unsupported support.... think PIZZA. {Would this be a bribe or an incentive?} ) (I hate trying to sound like a lawyer, .....or a comedian, but now that we agree, let us continue...)

As a Technician for Provide.net I have found some of these tools to be very useful. I have found that sometimes these tools are hard to find on the open web, ("It's a Jungle out there") So to help me to allow customers/users to find these files easier, I have dumped them here on this page.

They may not be the latest, they may not be the most secure, but they are what they are.

Some of these programs are here because they are old versions and based on what a customer has found out, the new version might not work some of the older versions of Windows.

And while we all know that older versions of windows and older versions of programs may be supported by their writers, there are enough people that are getting by using the softwares and they have no plans on moving to a newer version.

All logos are owned by their owners.

Users are encouraged to make sure they are running the current versions of everything, assuming the authors of the software still support their old but comfortable/affordable hardware

Mozilla Firefox Link to FireFox - Latest version FireFox 3.6.16
"last 3.XX.XX version"
FireFox 4.0.1
Link to thunderbird - Latest version ThunderBird 3.1.19
SeaMonkey Link to SeaMonkey - Latest Version Seamonkey 2.0.13
Team Viewer Windows - TEAM VIEWER
Full version
MAC - Team Viewer
Full version
Microsoft Live Mail for XP
replaces Outlook Express,
fixes the missing English Spell checker issue  
NotePad++ Link to Latest - NotePad++ NotePad 5.9 installer
NotePad 5.8.3 installer
WinSCP Link to Latest - WinScp WinSCP installer
SumatraPDF Sumatra PDF viewer 2.2.1
Combo Fix Combo fix, ONLY IF RECOMENDED
WDC Copier Western Digital Copy Utility
Large File Speedtest Speedtest #2
Zhone ie8install
Mac Spinning Beachball Video
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